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    Smelting team, the future can be expected|2021 zhijianeng elite team special training camp development activities ended perfectly

    In order to effectively implement the company's talent training strategy, carry forward the company's enterprise spirit of "sincerity, innovation, ...


    Semiconductor key equipment, Chinese companies successfully

    The production of a finished chip needs to go through a long process, each chip is born, it can be said that it is the crystallization of human sci...


    Zhijianeng and Siemens have reached strategic cooperation to jointly boost the smart manufacturing upgrade of China's industry!

    Recently, Siemens Shenzhen Zhijianeng Automation Co., Ltd. DE003 MCD virtual debugging + ICP control cabinet certification partner authorization si...


    Empowering blade batteries, Zcanon breaks through successfully

    Time High-Tech Edit/Ou Yangyu
    In order to offer the next "killer feature" in the new energy vehicle market, BYD...


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